sábado, 11 de junio de 2011

Good Bye Lenin!, Hi bloggers !

Let's start this blog with an european touch brought straight from East Germany, and yes, from almost twenty years ago.
Good Bye Lenin is a german film released in 2003, winner of lots of european awards and, I must say, a great piece of 121 minutes long.

This is Alexander Kermer and his beloved mum Christiane, they both live in the East Berlin of 1989 with his sister and daughter Ariane. Christiane is an ardent follower of socialist ideal and an active member of the Socialist Unity Party until she falls into a coma after a heart attack.

Eight months later, she wakes up and everything has changed in Germany. Yes mates, we're talking about the Berlin Wall made rubbles and an unified country once again.
The doc warns Alex that his mom won't resist another heart attack... and what can shock mum again? Maybe that the capitalist germ has reached her city and has destroyed all what she fought for trough her life...

Conscient of this, like a good son, Alex turns his mum's room into an island of the past and makes everything to keep the secret safe. Here's when the story turns really interesting, so I won't tell you more.

The touching and memorable scenes, plus the great perfomances, the original story, a great script and the delicated german accent, make a great, really great movie that might lead you to tears in some moments and to laughs in some others but it won't let you indifferent. 

Here's the trailer, and I hope you watch the film :D

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  1. Saw this film in second grade, and since is one of my favorites movies ever.

  2. A historical moment, and it seems like a touching movie. maybe I'll check this out during my summer holiday.

  3. I think you are better than most mmmm

  4. Got to say i like this film, very well made

  5. I haven't watched this one yet but that premise looks to be quite interesting.