viernes, 24 de junio de 2011

In Rainbows

I just can't imagine how many people have listened to these guys everytime they are sad or something goes wrong, all because of a sort of masochist instinct or something like that, I can't explain that of other way. But this band is not all about sadness. They can also make you enjoy the most beautiful moments of your life with their music. I'm talking about one of the greatest England's sons of music, with more than twenty years making interference on people's mind, ladies and gentlemen, this is Radiohead.

Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Ed O'Brien, Colin Greenwood and Phil Selway. Five little bastards that created a band in 1985 and started to make some magic spells with their instruments. Now, these bastards are considered as one of the most influential, beautiful, deepest, and biggest bands of all times, flooding the world with their depressive and touching music, sounds, lyrics and style. Listening to them is nothing but a pleasure for your ears and brain.

On 2006, Thom released his solo work titled "The Eraser" with a lot of success. But for everyone's good he didn't leave Radiohead. The band counts with eight successful albums, all of them with their characteristc and special style.
I got to say, this is the perfect music to get across your mind.

It's amazing how some good music and Thom in a shopping cart can turn a supermarket into heaven. "Fake Plastic Trees" was released sixteen years ago, and it still hitting hearts and souls. "If I could be who you wanted...", what a moment mates.  

Now it's the time for a café with an interesting name to be invaded by Thom and company. Everyone's eating and fighting while they are singing "High & Dry", perfect combination. Cheers for Radiohead.

martes, 21 de junio de 2011

Space boys.

It's time to show you a relatively new band, born in 2005 in the entrails of England's streets. These british guys are Klaxons, no mates, not the trumpets.

No women this time. These are Jamie Reynolds, James Righton and Simon Taylor-Davis, members of this band. Though they look like normal guys, this isn't a really good picture to describe them. Their style is more freak and a bit galactic, so a better picture to show them could be ...

... one of this. Yes, muchs better.

Their first album was released in 2007 and it was titled 
"Myhts of the Near Future". Thanks to this work, they started to be known and then the fame came to them. Until now it's been their best job.

 On august of last year (2010) was released "Surfing the Void". With this album under their shoulders, these guys will try to conquer new horizons. 
I really recommend this space, alternative, rock, solar, indie, acid, sci-fi, funky, psychedelic and progressive music, along with the particular vocals. You might enjoy it.

This was the first song I heard from this band. It's called "It's Not Over Yet" and it's from their first album. This song is a cover of the band Grace and is has a nice video.

And for last, one of their latest singles, from "Surfing the Void", these are the "Echoes" from the other world turning horizons into endless ever present. Cheers.

lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

Yeah yeah yeah yeah ... yeahs

Before starting this post I have to apologize for not using my Blog last weekend, I was really bussy studying and stuff, but better late than never...
Keeping the indie beats from the last posts, let's travel to the States, cradle and home of many bands of this kind of music. This time you can't say no 'cause I'm going to introduce you a very charismatic band: Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I think I will have to use this word a bit...

I'm starting to think that I love the bands leaded by women and this is not the exception. The queen here is Karen O, and her bodyguards are Brian Chase (right), the drummer, and Nick Zinner (left), ready to hit with his keyborad and guitar to any bastard who tries to do harm to Karen.

They've been defined like "an art-rock trio who made an edgy post-punk, dancefloor-friendly racket". With an alternative style this band has reched the fame. Thanks to the wings of their three records: "Fever to Hell", "Show Your Bones" and "It's Blitz!", they have touched the sky. They were one of the first western bands playing in China even when they knew this public wasn's going to understand a word of their melodic music. Well... this guys wanted to make people enjoy with their music, and people said yes yes yes. Let's check them out. 

"Heads Will Roll" mates. This is a really interesting and outstanding video, it's weird, but nice, perfect mix, especially for a werewolf. The song is from their last album released in 2009, and, as an honor or not, it was perfomed in a Glee chapter.

This is my favourite, I think is a very deep track, perfect to be listened at nights. "Gold Lion" was released in 2006 from their second album. It was envolved in a controversy for its similitude with other songs like Queen's "We Will Rock You". The video was recorded in  Nevada desert, hope yo enjoy it. 

viernes, 17 de junio de 2011

Gossip Big Girl.

Gossip... mmm lovely series full of supermodel hot girls and handsome boys, drama and all those kind of things people usually love but, wait a minute... that's Gossip Girl, and I know there's a better one, so here I introduce you to Gossip, and no more lastnames now.

From left to right is Hannah Blilie (drums), Beth Ditto (goddess and vocals, really nice vocals) and Brace Paine (guitar), together they are Gossip, an american and very special band formed in 1999.

We can clearly see that Beth (in the middle), the face and soul of this band, is not as all the women body and beauty prototype, so many people at the beginning thought that she was never going to be famous... And here she is now, with her indie rock alternative music been played and listened by all of her fans around the world, with nothing to envy to all the pop divas, and ready to shut all the bad prophet's mouths with her majectic voice and her big big booty. I have to mention that she has become a fashion icon as well 'cause of her fancy and exotic way to dress.
So let's hear some of this energic music.

"Heavy Cross" is the first single from their fourth and most recent studio album "Music for Men" released in 2009. This video shows the original style of this band, specially Beth's one. Maybe Lady Gaga could learn something from this big girl.

And been perfomed in public, here is "Standing in The Way of Control". This single was the responsible of the band's fame 'cause it was used in a promotional video for the british teen series Skins. All of the energy and strong personality displayed on the stage by Beth, proove us that is not necessary to be skinny (bulimic) to be a great artist. Cheers.

jueves, 16 de junio de 2011

White power.

You may have heard talking about Jack Black, a very famous Hollywood star and blablabla, but... did you know he has an opposite part, sort of ying-yang stuff ? And it's true, in this post I'll talk to you about this guy, and yes, his name is Jack White.

Here we can see Jack with a hat, and who's the girl next to him ? His ex-wife Meg White ! Yes mates this ex-couple gave life to the band we knew as The White Stripes, which is the topic of this post. How could they keep the duo together even they were divorced ? I can only think in one answer: love for music. Sadly they splitted-up starting this year...

With six albums under their shoulders, these guys left us a pretty big legacy of some blues, early punk, country, garage rock and hours of good music. Now that they've abandoned forever the stages they have also left a really bitter taste in all of their fan's tongues, and believe me, they are not a few. Let's hear some of their crippy-crazy songs.

"Blue Orchid" is one of the tracks from their fifth album titled "Get Behind Me Satan", released in 2009. This album consecrate this band in the greatest and most influential tock bands.

And their greater hit. "Seven Nation Army" has been qualified as one of the rock's wonders, having a place in innumerable rankings of the world, marking tendency and writing The White Stripes' name on rock history and our minds. Cheers.

miércoles, 15 de junio de 2011

Calvin rhythms.

It's time to get back to Europe and once again to scottish lands, but this time with a different music genre, something a bit more monotonous but perfect to dance and have a good time.
Let me introduce you, if you don't know him, to Calvin Harris, a 27 years old singer, writer, producer and DJ (something else ?) borned in the lovely Scotland.

His career started in 1999, but his fame and first record were a fact in 2007. It was called "I Created Disco", very original... but the important things are the tracks inside it like "The Girls" and "Acceptable in the 80s" that reached some of the top positions in UK Singles Chart.

On 2009 was released his second album titled "Ready for the Weekend". The album was certified gold by the British Phonographic Industry on October of that year for sales of 100,000 copies, not bad for a young and quite new artist.
In a short time he has recorded with artists like Kylie Minogue and DJ Tiesto, and has gained a good position in the world rankings, so I think he's got a great future in the music.
Let's hear some of his tracks:

Here we got "Bounce", his last single from his upcoming third album. It was digitally released a few days ago and is already on the top of the downloads. This is a very catchy song in which Calvis works with Kelis so he doesn't sing, just mixes in the back. 

And the best for last. This song is from "Ready for the Weekend" and was the first one I heard from Harris. I think is very energetic and I hope you enjoy it sometime, especially in a party or something like that... so here is "Flashback". Cheers.

martes, 14 de junio de 2011

The Bucket List

What would you do if you suddenly find out that you have cancer ? Well... creepy question, but that's exactly what happens to the protagonists of this tremendous film directed by Rob Reiner and released in 2008. One of the most atractive things about this movie are the actors (sort of gods of the cinema) that interpret our main characters. We are talking about nothing less than Jack Nicholson (he is not a psycho now) and Morgan Freeman.

Here we can see Edward Cole (Nicholson), a multimillionaire hospital runner married four times and a pretty lonely, enjoyer and funny old man, talking to Carter Chambers (Freeman), a mechanic, the patriarch of a big-happy family and a very reflexive and lovely man. How this two different guys meet each other? Simple, they both have been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and they finish in the same hospital room, an Edward's hospital by the way.

After reading a to do list before dying made by Carter, Edward add some crazy things to this list and invites his roommate to travel around the world making all of this wild stuff that they've never done, together, and with Edward's money of course.
Some of the points of this bucket list are skydiving, car running, and exploring (just action and fun); and some others are laugh until cry or kiss the most beautiful girl in the world (deeper things, don't you think?). 

Trough the movie you'll watch this special couple trying to complete the list, givin you lots of fun scenes fulls of the characteristic humor of these guys. And of course there is a deeper part of the movie in which you will see exciting life discussions about love, loneliness, loyalty and many other classical topics from the mouth of these gurus. 
I got to say that watching Nicholson and Freeman working together in such a great film is pure magic, they will make you laugh until cry, and sometimes just want to cry. And in the end you'll witness something majestic.

Here's the trailer, and I really hope you can enjoy this awesome movie sometime, I¡m sure it will make you treasure some little things of your life.