lunes, 13 de junio de 2011

A bit of scottish taste.

Last time was a british group, and now is the scottish turn to show us how awesome is Europe and yes, I'm a big fan of the old continent stuff.
With an historical and catchy name, Franz Ferdinand is now one of the greatest indie/rock exponents.

Alex Kapranos in the lead vocals and guitar, Bob Hardy in the bass guitar, Nick McCarthy hitting the keyboard and Paul Thomson at the drums are the soul of this band formed at the beginnings of this millenium in the city of Glasgow, Scotland.

With just three records and other in process coming soon, this alternative band give us some really good tracks that have positioned them in the top of the world rankings, and have make them winners of many awards, good deserved by the way. 
Let's hear some of them that I'm pretty sure you'll like.

"The Fallen" is one of my favourites. Extracted from his second album "You Could Have It So much Better" it's a very funny and fast song, with lots of Jesus references mate !

And the song that opened the gates of fame for them just couldn't be absent of this post, so here is "Take Me Out" from his first studio work to close it with a golden mark. Cheers for that.

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  1. The last song, is always a classic of Franz.
    Good post, keep it up :)

  2. Wow, I can see why Take Me Out brought them into the open

  3. Buen comment, me gustaron los videos y sobre todo el segundo que no cachaba el nombre :P

  4. I bet in his grave Franz is confused as why everyone knows his name.

  5. now i've got that take me out song stuck in my head